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Tug O' War
Tug O' War
Tug O' War
Tug O' War
Tug O' War

Tug O' War

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Does your dog love to play tug of war? 
This Tug o’ War toy allows dogs to play all by themselves. Perfect for when you are busy around the house or out and about. It will keep your dog out of trouble so you can come worry free, and enjoy spending time with your dog.
Simply place the suction cup onto any clean flat surface, floor or wall, and watch as your dog plays independently. This toy keeps your dog entertained and puts its mind off you.
Features of 'Tug O' War'
 Material - Non-toxic TPR rubber & rope
Strong grip to give your dog good resistance
Rope Length: Approx 40cm
Ball Size: 7cm
Tips to make sure you get the best out of your Tug O’ War Toy:
To ensure the best suction possible, make sure both the surface and the suction cup are clean, as dirt and uneven surfaces will impact solution.
When placing suction cup on a surface, press down hard on the top of the suction cup as this will ensure the best suction for the toy is provided.
Due to different climates, the rubber suction cup can become tougher, simply run it under some hot water to soften prior to application.
What's included? 
1x Tug O' War Toy
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