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Sporty Treaty
Sporty Treaty

Sporty Treaty

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Sporty Treaty prevents rapid eating and will limit the amount of treats and prolongs your dogs feeding to in sure your dog is well fed while you are away. And you know what that means? More entertainment for your dog, and less time for them to get into trouble.  

Features of 'Sporty Treaty':

The toy slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating.

High-quality plastic is used to make this Pet Food Ball. Its non-toxic and durable for your dogs active fun.

 Increases IQ and Mental Stimulation, your smart dog will see ,smell, hear it, and then will find the treats inside the toy.

It promotes better eating habits and may spike the appetites of dogs who have eating disorders! 

Tumbler design make it roll in a small area while playing. The dog food won't sprinkled everywhere. 

What's included? 
1x Sport Treaty
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