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Toothy Tug O' War
Toothy Tug O' War
Toothy Tug O' War
Toothy Tug O' War

Toothy Tug O' War

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We all know how it feels to be nagged to play or how it feels to come home to a destroyed pillow! It's the worst feeling! Our boy Boogie is the biggest fan of Tug O' War and loves to destroy everything he can get his paws on! We had just about enough when we got home to all the pillows in the house ripped up! We had to find a solution, so here it is! 
Meet 'Toothy Tug O' War'
Strong grip: Suction cup sticks to any smooth flat surface.
Removes plague: Tooth like grooves cleans your dogs teeth while they play!
Non toxic & Non abrasive: 100% safe for your dog to play with for hours!
Helps with separation anxiety: Keeps your dog entertained and happy while your away.
Treat grooves: You can easily treat your dog by putting their food or treats in the grooves!  


No more nagging
Encourages independent play
More entertainment, less misbehaving 
Helps with learning
Wears them out
Cleans their teeth
What's included? 
1x Toothy Tug O' War Toy
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