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IQ Ball
IQ Ball
IQ Ball
IQ Ball
IQ Ball
IQ Ball

IQ Ball

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Who else has to leave home to go to work everyday, and is worried about your dog getting bored and wrecking everything! Nobody needs extra costs to replace things their dog destroyed! So we came up with something much less expensive than a couch or shoes! 
Meet 'The IQ Ball'
The IQ Ball acts as both a ball and a toothbrush! Both are essential for any dog, whether they want to play fetch or just want something to chew on! 
 Promotes dental hygiene- The strong grooves of the ball cleans the plague out of your dogs teeth while your dog is playing!  Win for you and the dog!🎉
Endless entertainment- You can play fetch with this toy, as well as put treats in the grooves for you dog to try and get out.
 Non-Toxic- Made from a natural extra tough rubber
 Non-abrasive- Safe for you dog to play with.
 Improves IQ- This toy is proven to be a great tool for you to use when training your dog, because of the treat you have placed in the grooves! Also allowing your dog to have free play with the IQ ball challenges them to get creative in order to get the treats out! (This will keep them busy for hours!) 


Increases independent play

It helps with their learning

Cleans their teeth

Wears them out

It's Fun


What's included? 
1x IQ Ball
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