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While you might try using an ordinary toothbrush to brush your their teeth, it is very unlikely that the they will like it at all. Your dog won't like that at all, and it's a very stressful time for the both of you! We don't want that for you! 
That’s where Brushy comes in.
It is made with super soft silicone that has a pleasant feeling on the dogs gum. And it is so easy to use, just slip it over your index finger and while the dog is relaxed, slip it into the mouth and brush.
Tips for use
If you plan on a regularly cleaning, we recommend buying 3 as they do wear out over time. 
For best results, brush the inner, top and outer sides of the row of teeth.
If you plan to brush regularly, it would be advisable to buy at least three brushes, just in case.
What's included? 
1x Brush
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