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Clean Buddy
Clean Buddy
Clean Buddy
Clean Buddy

Clean Buddy

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Having a dog is lots of fun, especially going on walks. But you know what isn't fun? Cleaning up after your dog, that's why having a Clean Buddy is a must have for every dog owner. It takes the gross part of your walk out, and replaces it with an easy, non squishy pick up. 
Meet 'Clean Buddy'
PORTABLE- Clean Buddy simply hooks onto your lead, allowing you to skip the embarrassment when you forget your bags!
  EASY TO USE- Your kids can use it too!
CONVENIENT- Has a compartment for waste bags!
 EXTENDABLE- Back of Clean Buddy adjusts in size,  so you can scoop it all! 

What's included? 
1x Clean Buddy
1x Doggy bags (15 Bags)
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How do I use my Clean Buddy ?
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