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Who's Boogie?

Company dog
Product Tester
Boogie Man
Naughty Boy
Boogies Interests
Long walks
Sneaking into the rubbish bin
Paw massages 
Tug O’ War
About Boogie 
Boogie is a 2 year old Kelpie who lives in Australia with his owner (founder of this company). Every day Boogie goes on a long walk around the lake and comes home to play with his newly loaded with treats ‘IQ Ball’, he plays with it all day with intervals of pats he gets from his owners. 
Boogie is the kind of dog that gets bored, and looks for something to destroy. Most days i’d get home and i’d see him in the corner looking guilty as anything. I’d get in the house and find a pillow ripped up or the bin emptied everywhere, this would drive me insane. I missed coming home to a clean house, so I decided to try out lots of toys to see which ones he would like best! 
After lots and lots of time and money spent, I have narrowed it down to the ones that would keep him entertained and withstand his attempts to destroy them. Every single product on Doggy Down Time has been tested by Boogie, and he thoroughly enjoys them all!